The studio specializes in elevating spaces with illumination

The studio specializes in elevating spaces with illumination

Nader Gammas Lighting Design is a studio specializing in project-specific, customized lighting solutions.
NGLD’s mission is to elevate spaces using light.

Using foundational design principles, the studio works to extract historical reference, conceive of relevant narratives and identify tools that evoke emotion and curiosity. At the forefront of the practice is Nader Gammas’ extensive experience and technical knowledge of lighting, which is paramount to design success.
Shard Floor Two

A narrative-led approach ensures that form and function, a hybrid of functionality and sculptural integrity, aesthetics and technology come together to provide clients with innovative lighting solutions that are at the intersection of contemporary design, fine art, traditional craft techniques and modernization.


A 360 degree approach to interior and exterior architectural lighting design; from visualization, to con-ceptualization, implementation, production and placement of light and lighting fixtures.


All creations are completely customizable in size, configuration, and finish. The workshop team handcrafts each piece to order. NGLD also takes on new design commissions for clients.

Each project embraces the philosophy of simplicity with maximum impact

NGLD is born of curiosity and questioning… By taking pieces apart to put them back together, Nader Gammas seeks originative concepts that both respect and challenge traditional design.


NGLD fixtures are created by allowing form and function to influence one another; adding and subtracting, expanding and contracting, till the desired result is reached: an overlap of design and technology,reason and emotion.


A unique story-teller, Nader Gammas starts with a single element of interest, which is built upon withconcepts and materials; one over the other, like building blocks, there are limitations and creations, innovations and boundaries, these ultimately come together to create a uniquely layered finished product.

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Nader Gammas didn’t always know he wanted to work with light, but it was his fascination with form and functionality from a young age that eventually placed him on that trajectory.


“If you strip down architecture and interiors you are ultimately only left with the structure and lighting. Lighting can allow people to feel a certain way; whether it’s comfort, excitement, relaxed and so on.”


Born and raised in the United States, Nader Gammas is of Syrian origin, he holds a B.Sc, in Architecture from the University of Jordan, and an MFA in Lighting Design from Parsons School of Design in New York.


Nader Gammas debuted his first lighting collection at Art Dubai in March 2017 to great success, and garnered the attention of international design gallery Todd Merrill that signed him on shortly thereafter. Nader went on to be represented by Studio Twenty Seven.





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